Dreamweaver is among the most widely used desktop apps for creating professionally looking websites. It has plenty of features which include a variety of templates and it gives you the option to create interactive menus and buttons without the need for computer programming skills or previous experience. Furthermore, more tech-savvy users will be able to create or modify the website code manually as well. In addition, you can include contact forms so as to make it simpler for your website visitors to contact you. Dreamweaver has a variety of advantages over online website design platforms - you are able to create and update various sites at the same time, and you will always have a backup copy on your computer if you delete content from your website hosting server by mistake. You're able to publish and update a site designed with Dreamweaver directly from the application.
Dreamweaver Compatible in Shared Web Hosting
If you intend to work with Dreamweaver to create your site, you won't have any kind of trouble to upload it on our servers as our shared web hosting plans are Dreamweaver-compatible. What's more, you won't even have to work with your Hepsia web hosting Control Panel or an additional FTP software to upload your website because you will be able to publish it directly from Dreamweaver simply by entering your account FTP details when you hit the Publish button. The application will do all the rest and your site will go live right away. By using different FTP accounts you're able to publish a lot of websites in the same web hosting account. Keeping them up-to-date isn't more complicated than that this - simply make the changes on your computer or notebook, then publish the websites again. The modified files will replace the existing ones on your server and your changes will go online right away.
Dreamweaver Compatible in Semi-dedicated Servers
You may use a semi-dedicated server account to host a site made with Dreamweaver as our cloud hosting platform is fully compatible with the application. When you're used to using it and you already have it installed on your notebook or desktop personal computer, all you need to publish your website on our servers after you create it is to type in your FTP login details inside the Dreamweaver settings. The program will copy all the content in your account on our end and your website will be visible online instantly. To update the website in the future, you only need to make the changes on your personal computer and click on the Publish button, as the FTP data will be saved. Provided you'd like to build a few sites and host them in the same account on our end, you can simply create a couple of FTP accounts from the Hepsia Control Panel, each one with access to a separate domain or subdomain folder.